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Packages that use HttpContext
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.impl Default implementations of HTTP connections for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.protocol Core HTTP protocol execution framework and HTTP protocol handlers for synchronous, blocking communication. 

Uses of HttpContext in org.apache.http

Methods in org.apache.http with parameters of type HttpContext
 boolean ConnectionReuseStrategy.keepAlive(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Decides whether a connection can be kept open after a request.
 HttpResponse HttpResponseFactory.newHttpResponse(ProtocolVersion ver, int status, HttpContext context)
          Creates a new response from status line elements.
 HttpResponse HttpResponseFactory.newHttpResponse(StatusLine statusline, HttpContext context)
          Creates a new response from a status line.
 void HttpRequestInterceptor.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
          Processes a request.
 void HttpResponseInterceptor.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Processes a response.

Uses of HttpContext in org.apache.http.impl

Methods in org.apache.http.impl with parameters of type HttpContext
protected  Locale DefaultHttpResponseFactory.determineLocale(HttpContext context)
          Determines the locale of the response.
 boolean DefaultConnectionReuseStrategy.keepAlive(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 boolean NoConnectionReuseStrategy.keepAlive(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 HttpResponse DefaultHttpResponseFactory.newHttpResponse(ProtocolVersion ver, int status, HttpContext context)
 HttpResponse DefaultHttpResponseFactory.newHttpResponse(StatusLine statusline, HttpContext context)

Uses of HttpContext in org.apache.http.protocol

Classes in org.apache.http.protocol that implement HttpContext
 class BasicHttpContext
          Default implementation of HttpContext.
 class DefaultedHttpContext
          Deprecated. (4.3) no longer used.
 class HttpCoreContext
          Implementation of HttpContext that provides convenience setters for user assignable attributes and getter for readable attributes.
 class SyncBasicHttpContext
          Deprecated. (4.2) HttpContext instances may not be shared by multiple threads

Methods in org.apache.http.protocol that return HttpContext
 HttpContext DefaultedHttpContext.getDefaults()

Methods in org.apache.http.protocol with parameters of type HttpContext
static HttpCoreContext HttpCoreContext.adapt(HttpContext context)
protected  HttpResponse HttpRequestExecutor.doReceiveResponse(HttpRequest request, HttpClientConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Waits for and receives a response.
protected  HttpResponse HttpRequestExecutor.doSendRequest(HttpRequest request, HttpClientConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Send the given request over the given connection.
protected  void HttpService.doService(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          The default implementation of this method attempts to resolve an HttpRequestHandler for the request URI of the given request and, if found, executes its HttpRequestHandler.handle(HttpRequest, HttpResponse, HttpContext) method.
 HttpResponse HttpRequestExecutor.execute(HttpRequest request, HttpClientConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Sends the request and obtain a response.
 void HttpRequestHandler.handle(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Handles the request and produces a response to be sent back to the client.
 void HttpService.handleRequest(HttpServerConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Handles receives one HTTP request over the given connection within the given execution context and sends a response back to the client.
 void HttpRequestExecutor.postProcess(HttpResponse response, HttpProcessor processor, HttpContext context)
          Post-processes the given response using the given protocol processor and completes the process of request execution.
 void HttpRequestExecutor.preProcess(HttpRequest request, HttpProcessor processor, HttpContext context)
          Pre-process the given request using the given protocol processor and initiates the process of request execution.
 void BasicHttpProcessor.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void ImmutableHttpProcessor.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestTargetHost.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestExpectContinue.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestContent.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestConnControl.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestDate.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestUserAgent.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void BasicHttpProcessor.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ImmutableHttpProcessor.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ResponseDate.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ResponseConnControl.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ResponseContent.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Processes the response (possibly updating or inserting) Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding headers.
 void ResponseServer.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void HttpExpectationVerifier.verify(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Verifies whether the given request meets the server's expectations.

Constructors in org.apache.http.protocol with parameters of type HttpContext
BasicHttpContext(HttpContext parentContext)
DefaultedHttpContext(HttpContext local, HttpContext defaults)
HttpCoreContext(HttpContext context)
SyncBasicHttpContext(HttpContext parentContext)

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