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Packages that use Cookie
org.apache.http.client Client HTTP communication APIs. 
org.apache.http.cookie Client HTTP state management APIs. 
org.apache.http.impl.client Default HTTP client implementation. 
org.apache.http.impl.cookie Default implementations of standard and common HTTP state management policies. 

Uses of Cookie in org.apache.http.client

Methods in org.apache.http.client that return types with arguments of type Cookie
 List<Cookie> CookieStore.getCookies()
          Returns all cookies contained in this store.

Methods in org.apache.http.client with parameters of type Cookie
 void CookieStore.addCookie(Cookie cookie)
          Adds an Cookie, replacing any existing equivalent cookies.

Uses of Cookie in org.apache.http.cookie

Subinterfaces of Cookie in org.apache.http.cookie
 interface ClientCookie
          ClientCookie extends the standard Cookie interface with additional client specific functionality such ability to retrieve original cookie attributes exactly as they were specified by the origin server.
 interface SetCookie
          This interface represents a Set-Cookie response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state.
 interface SetCookie2
          This interface represents a Set-Cookie2 response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state.

Methods in org.apache.http.cookie that return types with arguments of type Cookie
 List<Cookie> CookieSpec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
          Parse the "Set-Cookie" Header into an array of Cookies.

Methods in org.apache.http.cookie with parameters of type Cookie
 int c1, Cookie c2)
 int c1, Cookie c2)
 int c1, Cookie c2)
 boolean CookieAttributeHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Matches the given value (property of the destination host where request is being submitted) with the corresponding cookie attribute.
 boolean CookieSpec.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Determines if a Cookie matches the target location.
 void CookieAttributeHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Peforms cookie validation for the given attribute value.
 void CookieSpec.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Validate the cookie according to validation rules defined by the cookie specification.

Method parameters in org.apache.http.cookie with type arguments of type Cookie
 List<org.apache.http.Header> CookieSpec.formatCookies(List<Cookie> cookies)
          Create "Cookie" headers for an array of Cookies.

Uses of Cookie in org.apache.http.impl.client

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.client that return types with arguments of type Cookie
 List<Cookie> BasicCookieStore.getCookies()
          Returns an immutable array of cookies that this HTTP state currently contains.

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.client with parameters of type Cookie
 void BasicCookieStore.addCookie(Cookie cookie)
          Adds an HTTP cookie, replacing any existing equivalent cookies.
 void BasicCookieStore.addCookies(Cookie[] cookies)
          Adds an array of HTTP cookies.

Uses of Cookie in org.apache.http.impl.cookie

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.cookie that implement Cookie
 class BasicClientCookie
          Default implementation of SetCookie.
 class BasicClientCookie2
          Default implementation of SetCookie2.

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.cookie that return types with arguments of type Cookie
 List<Cookie> BrowserCompatSpec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
 List<Cookie> RFC2965Spec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
 List<Cookie> RFC6265CookieSpec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
 List<Cookie> DefaultCookieSpec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
 List<Cookie> RFC2109Spec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
 List<Cookie> NetscapeDraftSpec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
          Parses the Set-Cookie value into an array of Cookies.
 List<Cookie> IgnoreSpec.parse(org.apache.http.Header header, CookieOrigin origin)
protected  List<Cookie> RFC2965Spec.parse(org.apache.http.HeaderElement[] elems, CookieOrigin origin)
protected  List<Cookie> CookieSpecBase.parse(org.apache.http.HeaderElement[] elems, CookieOrigin origin)

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.cookie with parameters of type Cookie
protected  void RFC2965Spec.formatCookieAsVer(org.apache.http.util.CharArrayBuffer buffer, Cookie cookie, int version)
          Adds valid Port attribute value, e.g.
protected  void RFC2109Spec.formatCookieAsVer(org.apache.http.util.CharArrayBuffer buffer, Cookie cookie, int version)
          Return a string suitable for sending in a "Cookie" header as defined in RFC 2109 for backward compatibility with cookie version 0
 boolean PublicSuffixFilter.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Deprecated. Never matches if the cookie's domain is from the blacklist.
 boolean RFC2109DomainHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean RFC2965DiscardAttributeHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean RFC2965CommentUrlAttributeHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean PublicSuffixDomainFilter.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Never matches if the cookie's domain is from the blacklist.
 boolean NetscapeDomainHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean BasicDomainHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean RFC2965Spec.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean AbstractCookieAttributeHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean RFC6265CookieSpec.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean BasicPathHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean RFC2965VersionAttributeHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean BasicSecureHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean DefaultCookieSpec.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean RFC2965DomainAttributeHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Match cookie domain attribute.
 boolean CookieSpecBase.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean IgnoreSpec.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 boolean RFC2965PortAttributeHandler.match(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Match cookie port attribute.
 void PublicSuffixFilter.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2109VersionHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2109DomainHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2965DiscardAttributeHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2965CommentUrlAttributeHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void PublicSuffixDomainFilter.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void NetscapeDomainHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void BasicDomainHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2965Spec.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void AbstractCookieAttributeHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC6265CookieSpec.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void BasicPathHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2965VersionAttributeHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          validate cookie version attribute.
 void DefaultCookieSpec.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2109Spec.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2965DomainAttributeHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Validate cookie domain attribute.
 void CookieSpecBase.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
 void RFC2965PortAttributeHandler.validate(Cookie cookie, CookieOrigin origin)
          Validate cookie port attribute.

Method parameters in org.apache.http.impl.cookie with type arguments of type Cookie
 List<org.apache.http.Header> BrowserCompatSpec.formatCookies(List<Cookie> cookies)
 List<org.apache.http.Header> RFC6265CookieSpec.formatCookies(List<Cookie> cookies)
 List<org.apache.http.Header> DefaultCookieSpec.formatCookies(List<Cookie> cookies)
 List<org.apache.http.Header> RFC2109Spec.formatCookies(List<Cookie> cookies)
 List<org.apache.http.Header> NetscapeDraftSpec.formatCookies(List<Cookie> cookies)
 List<org.apache.http.Header> IgnoreSpec.formatCookies(List<Cookie> cookies)

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