Uses of Class

Packages that use PublicSuffixList
org.apache.http.conn.util Connection utility classes. 
org.apache.http.impl.cookie Default implementations of standard and common HTTP state management policies. 

Uses of PublicSuffixList in org.apache.http.conn.util

Methods in org.apache.http.conn.util that return PublicSuffixList
 PublicSuffixList PublicSuffixListParser.parse(Reader reader)
          Parses the public suffix list format.

Methods in org.apache.http.conn.util that return types with arguments of type PublicSuffixList
 List<PublicSuffixList> PublicSuffixListParser.parseByType(Reader reader)
          Parses the public suffix list format by domain type (currently supported ICANN and PRIVATE).

Constructor parameters in org.apache.http.conn.util with type arguments of type PublicSuffixList
PublicSuffixMatcher(Collection<PublicSuffixList> lists)

Uses of PublicSuffixList in org.apache.http.impl.cookie

Constructors in org.apache.http.impl.cookie with parameters of type PublicSuffixList
PublicSuffixDomainFilter(CommonCookieAttributeHandler handler, PublicSuffixList suffixList)

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