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Packages that use AuthOption
org.apache.http.auth Client HTTP authentication APIs. 
org.apache.http.client Client HTTP communication APIs. 

Uses of AuthOption in org.apache.http.auth

Methods in org.apache.http.auth that return types with arguments of type AuthOption
 Queue<AuthOption> AuthState.getAuthOptions()
          Returns available AuthOptions.

Method parameters in org.apache.http.auth with type arguments of type AuthOption
 void AuthState.update(Queue<AuthOption> authOptions)
          Updates the auth state with a queue of AuthOptions.

Uses of AuthOption in org.apache.http.client

Methods in org.apache.http.client that return types with arguments of type AuthOption
 Queue<AuthOption><String,org.apache.http.Header> challenges, org.apache.http.HttpHost authhost, org.apache.http.HttpResponse response, org.apache.http.protocol.HttpContext context)
          Selects one authentication challenge out of all available and creates and generates AuthOption instance capable of processing that challenge.

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