Package org.apache.http.impl.nio.client

Default asynchronous HTTP client implementation.


Class Summary
AbstractHttpAsyncClient Deprecated.
CloseableHttpAsyncClient Base implementation of HttpAsyncClient that also implements Closeable.
CloseableHttpPipeliningClient Base implementation of HttpPipeliningClient that also implements Closeable.
DefaultAsyncUserTokenHandler Default implementation of UserTokenHandler for asynchrounous HTTP client communication.
DefaultHttpAsyncClient Deprecated.
HttpAsyncClientBuilder Builder for CloseableHttpAsyncClient instances.
HttpAsyncClients Factory methods for CloseableHttpAsyncClient and CloseableHttpPipeliningClient instances.

Package org.apache.http.impl.nio.client Description

Default asynchronous HTTP client implementation.

The usual execution flow can be demonstrated by the code snippet below:

 CloseableHttpAsyncClient httpclient = HttpAsyncClients.createDefault();
 try {
     HttpGet request = new HttpGet("");
     Future future = httpclient.execute(request, null);
     HttpResponse response = future.get();
     // Do something useful with the response body
 } finally {

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