Package org.apache.commons.httpclient.protocol

Provides protocol specific socket factory handling.


Interface Summary
ProtocolSocketFactory A factory for creating Sockets.
SecureProtocolSocketFactory A ProtocolSocketFactory that is secure.

Class Summary
ControllerThreadSocketFactory This helper class is intedned to help work around the limitation of older Java versions (older than 1.4) that prevents from specifying a connection timeout when creating a socket.
ControllerThreadSocketFactory.SocketTask Helper class for wrapping socket based tasks.
DefaultProtocolSocketFactory The default class for creating protocol sockets.
Protocol A class to encapsulate the specifics of a protocol.
ReflectionSocketFactory This helper class uses refelction in order to execute Socket methods available in Java 1.4 and above
SSLProtocolSocketFactory A SecureProtocolSocketFactory that uses JSSE to create sockets.

Package org.apache.commons.httpclient.protocol Description

Provides protocol specific socket factory handling.


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