Package org.apache.commons.httpclient

Classes and interfaces supporting the client side of the HTTP protocol.


Interface Summary
Credentials Authentication credentials.
HttpConnectionManager An interface for classes that manage HttpConnections.
HttpMethod HttpMethod interface represents a request to be sent via a HTTP connection and a corresponding response.
HttpMethodRetryHandler A handler for determining if an HttpMethod should be retried after a recoverable exception during execution.
MethodRetryHandler Deprecated. use HttpMethodRetryHandler

Class Summary
ChunkedInputStream Transparently coalesces chunks of a HTTP stream that uses Transfer-Encoding chunked.
ChunkedOutputStream Implements HTTP chunking support.
ConnectMethod Establishes a tunneled HTTP connection via the CONNECT method.
ContentLengthInputStream Cuts the wrapped InputStream off after a specified number of bytes.
Cookie HTTP "magic-cookie" represents a piece of state information that the HTTP agent and the target server can exchange to maintain a session.
DefaultHttpMethodRetryHandler The default HttpMethodRetryHandler used by HttpMethods.
DefaultMethodRetryHandler Deprecated. use DefaultHttpMethodRetryHandler
Header An HTTP header.
HeaderElement One element of an HTTP header's value.
HeaderGroup A class for combining a set of headers.
HostConfiguration Holds all of the variables needed to describe an HTTP connection to a host.
HttpClient An HTTP "user-agent", containing an HTTP state and one or more HTTP connections, to which HTTP methods can be applied.
HttpConnection An abstraction of an HTTP InputStream and OutputStream pair, together with the relevant attributes.
HttpConstants Deprecated. use EncodingUtil class
HttpHost Holds all of the variables needed to describe an HTTP connection to a host.
HttpMethodBase An abstract base implementation of HttpMethod.
HttpParser A utility class for parsing http header values according to RFC-2616 Section 4 and 19.3.
HttpState A container for HTTP attributes that may persist from request to request, such as cookies and authentication credentials.
HttpStatus Constants enumerating the HTTP status codes.
HttpVersion HTTP version, as specified in RFC 2616.
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager Manages a set of HttpConnections for various HostConfigurations.
NameValuePair A simple class encapsulating a name/value pair.
NTCredentials Credentials for use with the NTLM authentication scheme which requires additional information.
ProxyClient A client that provides sockets for communicating through HTTP proxies via the HTTP CONNECT method.
ProxyClient.ConnectResponse Contains the method used to execute the connect along with the created socket.
ProxyHost Holds all of the variables needed to describe an HTTP connection to a proxy.
SimpleHttpConnectionManager A connection manager that provides access to a single HttpConnection.
StatusLine Represents a Status-Line as returned from a HTTP server.
URI The interface for the URI(Uniform Resource Identifiers) version of RFC 2396.
URI.LocaleToCharsetMap A mapping to determine the (somewhat arbitrarily) preferred charset for a given locale.
UsernamePasswordCredentials Username and password Credentials.

Exception Summary
CircularRedirectException Signals a circular redirect
ConnectionPoolTimeoutException A timeout while connecting waiting for an available connection from an HttpConnectionManager.
ConnectTimeoutException A timeout while connecting to an HTTP server or waiting for an available connection from an HttpConnectionManager.
HttpContentTooLargeException Signals that the response content was larger than anticipated.
HttpException Signals that an HTTP or HttpClient exception has occurred.
HttpRecoverableException Deprecated. no longer used
InvalidRedirectLocationException Signals violation of HTTP specification caused by an invalid redirect location
NoHttpResponseException Signals that the target server failed to respond with a valid HTTP response.
ProtocolException Signals that an HTTP protocol violation has occurred.
RedirectException Signals violation of HTTP specification caused by an invalid redirect
URI.DefaultCharsetChanged The charset-changed normal operation to represent to be required to alert to user the fact the default charset is changed.
URIException The URI parsing and escape encoding exception.

Error Summary
HttpClientError Signals that an error has occurred.

Package org.apache.commons.httpclient Description

Classes and interfaces supporting the client side of the HTTP protocol.

The HttpClient component supports the client-side of RFC 1945 (HTTP/1.0) and RFC 2616 (HTTP/1.1), several related specifications (RFC 2109 (Cookies), RFC 2617 (HTTP Authentication), etc.), and provides a framework by which new request types (methods) or HTTP extensions can can be easily created or supported.

The basis for the abstraction is provided by three types:

and several simple bean-style classes:

HttpClient provides a simple "user-agent" implementation that will suffice for many applications, but whose use is not required.

HttpClient also provides several utilities that may be useful when extending the framework:

HttpClient Configuration with Java Properties

Java properties can be set at run time with the -Dname=value command line arguments to the application that uses HttpClient. These properties can also be set programaticly by calling System.getProperties().setProperty(name, value). This is the list of properties that HttpClient recognizes:
Name Type Effect
httpclient.useragent String Sets the User-Agent string to be sent on every HTTP request.
httpclient.authentication.preemptive boolean Sends authorization credentials without requiring explicit requests from the web server

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