Package org.apache.commons.httpclient.cookie

Provides cookie handling in conjunction with Cookie.


Interface Summary
CookieAttributeHandler Ths interface represents a cookie attribute handler responsible for parsing, validating, and matching a specific cookie attribute, such as path, domain, port, etc.
CookieSpec Defines the cookie management specification.
CookieVersionSupport Defines cookie specification specific capabilities

Class Summary
Cookie2 Cookie class for RFC2965Spec cookie specification.
CookieOrigin CookieOrigin class incapsulates details of an origin server that are relevant when parsing, validating or matching HTTP cookies.
CookiePathComparator This cookie comparator ensures that multiple cookies satisfying a common criteria are ordered in the Cookie header such that those with more specific Path attributes precede those with less specific.
CookiePolicy Cookie management policy class.
CookieSpecBase Cookie management functions shared by all specification.
IgnoreCookiesSpec A cookie spec that does nothing.
NetscapeDraftSpec Netscape cookie draft specific cookie management functions
RFC2109Spec RFC 2109 specific cookie management functions
RFC2965Spec RFC 2965 specific cookie management functions.

Exception Summary
MalformedCookieException Signals that a cookie is in some way invalid or illegal in a given context

Package org.apache.commons.httpclient.cookie Description

Provides cookie handling in conjunction with Cookie.


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