Developer Documentation

You are a developer of HttpComponents if you are developing code or documentation for the components themselves.

Unfortunately, this page is currently mostly a dummy. It will eventually point you to information about setting up a development environment, submitting patches, and updating information on the website. For the time being, the documentation on cutting releases may include some interesting pieces of information for you.

Web Site Updates

Instructions for updating the various sections of our website are in the Wiki.

Maven Skin details

The HC project has created a Maven skin to enable customisation of page footers. This is intended to be used to add Trademark notices to pages.

To use the skin, add the following to the src/site/site.xml file:

<project ...


The skin contains an updated version of the default Maven template. The template checks the site.xml file for the presence of the following custom tag:

      Optional HTML-formatted text goes here

If the tag is found, its contents are added to the footer just before the copyright statement. Example usage:

      <div class="xleft">Apache HttpComponents, Commons HttpClient, Apache, the Apache feather logo, 
      and the Apache HttpComponents project logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.</div>
      <div class="xleft">All other marks mentioned may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.</div>

Editting APT documents

The APT syntax is documented at