Uses of Interface

Packages that use ConnFactory
org.apache.http.impl.pool Default implementations of client side connection pools for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.pool Client side connection pools APIs for synchronous, blocking communication. 

Uses of ConnFactory in org.apache.http.impl.pool

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.pool that implement ConnFactory
 class BasicConnFactory
          A very basic ConnFactory implementation that creates HttpClientConnection instances given a HttpHost instance.

Constructors in org.apache.http.impl.pool with parameters of type ConnFactory
BasicConnPool(ConnFactory<HttpHost,HttpClientConnection> connFactory)

Uses of ConnFactory in org.apache.http.pool

Constructors in org.apache.http.pool with parameters of type ConnFactory
AbstractConnPool(ConnFactory<T,C> connFactory, int defaultMaxPerRoute, int maxTotal)

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