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Packages that use HeaderValueFormatter
org.apache.http.message Core HTTP message components, message element parser and writer APIs and their default implementations. 

Uses of HeaderValueFormatter in org.apache.http.message

Classes in org.apache.http.message that implement HeaderValueFormatter
 class BasicHeaderValueFormatter
          Basic implementation for formatting header value elements.

Methods in org.apache.http.message with parameters of type HeaderValueFormatter
static String BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatElements(HeaderElement[] elems, boolean quote, HeaderValueFormatter formatter)
          Formats an array of header elements.
static String BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatHeaderElement(HeaderElement elem, boolean quote, HeaderValueFormatter formatter)
          Formats a header element.
static String BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatNameValuePair(NameValuePair nvp, boolean quote, HeaderValueFormatter formatter)
          Formats a name-value pair.
static String BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatParameters(NameValuePair[] nvps, boolean quote, HeaderValueFormatter formatter)
          Formats a set of parameters.

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