Class DefaultHttpServerConnection

  extended by org.apache.http.impl.AbstractHttpServerConnection
      extended by org.apache.http.impl.SocketHttpServerConnection
          extended by org.apache.http.impl.DefaultHttpServerConnection
All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, HttpConnection, HttpInetConnection, HttpServerConnection

Deprecated. (4.3) use DefaultBHttpServerConnection

public class DefaultHttpServerConnection
extends SocketHttpServerConnection

Default implementation of a server-side HTTP connection.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void bind(Socket socket, HttpParams params)
          Deprecated. Binds this connection to the given Socket.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultHttpServerConnection()
Method Detail


public void bind(Socket socket,
                 HttpParams params)
          throws IOException
Description copied from class: SocketHttpServerConnection
Binds this connection to the given Socket. This socket will be used by the connection to send and receive data.

This method will invoke SocketHttpServerConnection.createSessionInputBuffer(Socket, int, HttpParams) and SocketHttpServerConnection.createSessionOutputBuffer(Socket, int, HttpParams) methods to create session input / output buffers bound to this socket and then will invoke AbstractHttpServerConnection.init(SessionInputBuffer, SessionOutputBuffer, HttpParams) method to pass references to those buffers to the underlying HTTP message parser and formatter.

After this method's execution the connection status will be reported as open and the SocketHttpServerConnection.isOpen() will return true.

bind in class SocketHttpServerConnection
socket - the socket.
params - HTTP parameters.
IOException - in case of an I/O error.

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