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Packages that use ContentType
org.apache.http.entity Core HTTP entity implementations. 

Uses of ContentType in org.apache.http.entity

Fields in org.apache.http.entity declared as ContentType
static ContentType ContentType.APPLICATION_ATOM_XML
static ContentType ContentType.APPLICATION_FORM_URLENCODED
static ContentType ContentType.APPLICATION_JSON
static ContentType ContentType.APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM
static ContentType ContentType.APPLICATION_SVG_XML
static ContentType ContentType.APPLICATION_XHTML_XML
static ContentType ContentType.APPLICATION_XML
static ContentType ContentType.DEFAULT_BINARY
static ContentType ContentType.DEFAULT_TEXT
static ContentType ContentType.IMAGE_BMP
static ContentType ContentType.IMAGE_GIF
static ContentType ContentType.IMAGE_JPEG
static ContentType ContentType.IMAGE_PNG
static ContentType ContentType.IMAGE_SVG
static ContentType ContentType.IMAGE_TIFF
static ContentType ContentType.IMAGE_WEBP
static ContentType ContentType.MULTIPART_FORM_DATA
static ContentType ContentType.TEXT_HTML
static ContentType ContentType.TEXT_PLAIN
static ContentType ContentType.TEXT_XML
static ContentType ContentType.WILDCARD

Methods in org.apache.http.entity that return ContentType
static ContentType ContentType.create(String mimeType)
          Creates a new instance of ContentType without a charset.
static ContentType ContentType.create(String mimeType, Charset charset)
          Creates a new instance of ContentType.
static ContentType ContentType.create(String mimeType, NameValuePair... params)
          Creates a new instance of ContentType with the given parameters.
static ContentType ContentType.create(String mimeType, String charset)
          Creates a new instance of ContentType.
static ContentType ContentType.get(HttpEntity entity)
          Extracts Content-Type value from HttpEntity exactly as specified by the Content-Type header of the entity.
static ContentType ContentType.getByMimeType(String mimeType)
          Returns Content-Type for the given MIME type.
static ContentType ContentType.getLenient(HttpEntity entity)
          Extracts Content-Type value from HttpEntity.
static ContentType ContentType.getLenientOrDefault(HttpEntity entity)
          Extracts Content-Type value from HttpEntity or returns the default value DEFAULT_TEXT if not explicitly specified or incorrect (could not be parsed).
static ContentType ContentType.getOrDefault(HttpEntity entity)
          Extracts Content-Type value from HttpEntity or returns the default value DEFAULT_TEXT if not explicitly specified.
static ContentType ContentType.parse(String s)
          Parses textual representation of Content-Type value.
 ContentType ContentType.withCharset(Charset charset)
          Creates a new instance with this MIME type and the given Charset.
 ContentType ContentType.withCharset(String charset)
          Creates a new instance with this MIME type and the given Charset name.
 ContentType ContentType.withParameters(NameValuePair... params)
          Creates a new instance with this MIME type and the given parameters.

Constructors in org.apache.http.entity with parameters of type ContentType
ByteArrayEntity(byte[] b, ContentType contentType)
ByteArrayEntity(byte[] b, int off, int len, ContentType contentType)
FileEntity(File file, ContentType contentType)
          Creates a new instance.
InputStreamEntity(InputStream inStream, ContentType contentType)
          Creates an entity with a content type and unknown length.
InputStreamEntity(InputStream inStream, long length, ContentType contentType)
StringEntity(String string, ContentType contentType)
          Creates a StringEntity with the specified content and content type.

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