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Packages that use RequestLine
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.impl Default implementations of HTTP connections for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.message Core HTTP message components, message element parser and writer APIs and their default implementations. 

Uses of RequestLine in org.apache.http

Methods in org.apache.http that return RequestLine
 RequestLine HttpRequest.getRequestLine()
          Returns the request line of this request.

Methods in org.apache.http with parameters of type RequestLine
 HttpRequest HttpRequestFactory.newHttpRequest(RequestLine requestline)

Uses of RequestLine in org.apache.http.impl

Methods in org.apache.http.impl with parameters of type RequestLine
 HttpRequest DefaultHttpRequestFactory.newHttpRequest(RequestLine requestline)

Uses of RequestLine in org.apache.http.message

Classes in org.apache.http.message that implement RequestLine
 class BasicRequestLine
          Basic implementation of RequestLine.

Methods in org.apache.http.message that return RequestLine
protected  RequestLine BasicLineParser.createRequestLine(String method, String uri, ProtocolVersion ver)
          Instantiates a new request line.
 RequestLine BasicHttpRequest.getRequestLine()
          Returns the request line of this request.
 RequestLine BasicLineParser.parseRequestLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a request line.
 RequestLine LineParser.parseRequestLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a request line.
static RequestLine BasicLineParser.parseRequestLine(String value, LineParser parser)

Methods in org.apache.http.message with parameters of type RequestLine
protected  void BasicLineFormatter.doFormatRequestLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, RequestLine reqline)
          Actually formats a request line.
 CharArrayBuffer LineFormatter.formatRequestLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, RequestLine reqline)
          Formats a request line.
 CharArrayBuffer BasicLineFormatter.formatRequestLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, RequestLine reqline)
static String BasicLineFormatter.formatRequestLine(RequestLine reqline, LineFormatter formatter)
          Formats a request line.

Constructors in org.apache.http.message with parameters of type RequestLine
BasicHttpEntityEnclosingRequest(RequestLine requestline)
BasicHttpRequest(RequestLine requestline)
          Creates an instance of this class using the given request line.

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