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Packages that use ProtocolVersion
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.impl Default implementations of HTTP connections for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.message Core HTTP message components, message element parser and writer APIs and their default implementations. 
org.apache.http.params Deprecated. 

Uses of ProtocolVersion in org.apache.http

Subclasses of ProtocolVersion in org.apache.http
 class HttpVersion
          Represents an HTTP version.

Methods in org.apache.http that return ProtocolVersion
 ProtocolVersion ProtocolVersion.forVersion(int major, int minor)
          Obtains a specific version of this protocol.
 ProtocolVersion HttpVersion.forVersion(int major, int minor)
          Obtains a specific HTTP version.
 ProtocolVersion RequestLine.getProtocolVersion()
 ProtocolVersion StatusLine.getProtocolVersion()
 ProtocolVersion HttpMessage.getProtocolVersion()
          Returns the protocol version this message is compatible with.

Methods in org.apache.http with parameters of type ProtocolVersion
 int ProtocolVersion.compareToVersion(ProtocolVersion that)
          Compares this protocol version with another one.
 boolean ProtocolVersion.greaterEquals(ProtocolVersion version)
          Tests if this protocol version is greater or equal to the given one.
 boolean ProtocolVersion.isComparable(ProtocolVersion that)
          Checks whether this protocol can be compared to another one.
 boolean ProtocolVersion.lessEquals(ProtocolVersion version)
          Tests if this protocol version is less or equal to the given one.
 HttpResponse HttpResponseFactory.newHttpResponse(ProtocolVersion ver, int status, HttpContext context)
          Creates a new response from status line elements.
 void HttpResponse.setStatusLine(ProtocolVersion ver, int code)
          Sets the status line of this response.
 void HttpResponse.setStatusLine(ProtocolVersion ver, int code, String reason)
          Sets the status line of this response with a reason phrase.

Uses of ProtocolVersion in org.apache.http.impl

Methods in org.apache.http.impl with parameters of type ProtocolVersion
 HttpResponse DefaultHttpResponseFactory.newHttpResponse(ProtocolVersion ver, int status, HttpContext context)

Uses of ProtocolVersion in org.apache.http.message

Fields in org.apache.http.message declared as ProtocolVersion
protected  ProtocolVersion BasicLineParser.protocol
          A version of the protocol to parse.

Methods in org.apache.http.message that return ProtocolVersion
protected  ProtocolVersion BasicLineParser.createProtocolVersion(int major, int minor)
          Creates a protocol version.
 ProtocolVersion BasicRequestLine.getProtocolVersion()
 ProtocolVersion BasicHttpResponse.getProtocolVersion()
 ProtocolVersion BasicStatusLine.getProtocolVersion()
 ProtocolVersion BasicHttpRequest.getProtocolVersion()
          Returns the HTTP protocol version to be used for this request.
 ProtocolVersion BasicLineParser.parseProtocolVersion(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
 ProtocolVersion LineParser.parseProtocolVersion(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses the textual representation of a protocol version.
static ProtocolVersion BasicLineParser.parseProtocolVersion(String value, LineParser parser)

Methods in org.apache.http.message with parameters of type ProtocolVersion
 CharArrayBuffer LineFormatter.appendProtocolVersion(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ProtocolVersion version)
          Formats a protocol version.
 CharArrayBuffer BasicLineFormatter.appendProtocolVersion(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ProtocolVersion version)
protected  RequestLine BasicLineParser.createRequestLine(String method, String uri, ProtocolVersion ver)
          Instantiates a new request line.
protected  StatusLine BasicLineParser.createStatusLine(ProtocolVersion ver, int status, String reason)
          Instantiates a new status line.
protected  int BasicLineFormatter.estimateProtocolVersionLen(ProtocolVersion version)
          Guesses the length of a formatted protocol version.
static String BasicLineFormatter.formatProtocolVersion(ProtocolVersion version, LineFormatter formatter)
          Formats a protocol version.
 void BasicHttpResponse.setStatusLine(ProtocolVersion ver, int code)
 void BasicHttpResponse.setStatusLine(ProtocolVersion ver, int code, String reason)

Constructors in org.apache.http.message with parameters of type ProtocolVersion
BasicHttpEntityEnclosingRequest(String method, String uri, ProtocolVersion ver)
BasicHttpRequest(String method, String uri, ProtocolVersion ver)
          Creates an instance of this class using the given request method, URI and the HTTP protocol version.
BasicHttpResponse(ProtocolVersion ver, int code, String reason)
          Creates a response from elements of a status line.
BasicLineParser(ProtocolVersion proto)
          Creates a new line parser for the given HTTP-like protocol.
BasicRequestLine(String method, String uri, ProtocolVersion version)
BasicStatusLine(ProtocolVersion version, int statusCode, String reasonPhrase)
          Creates a new status line with the given version, status, and reason.

Uses of ProtocolVersion in org.apache.http.params

Methods in org.apache.http.params that return ProtocolVersion
static ProtocolVersion HttpProtocolParams.getVersion(HttpParams params)
          Deprecated. Obtains value of the CoreProtocolPNames.PROTOCOL_VERSION parameter.

Methods in org.apache.http.params with parameters of type ProtocolVersion
static void HttpProtocolParams.setVersion(HttpParams params, ProtocolVersion version)
          Deprecated. Sets value of the CoreProtocolPNames.PROTOCOL_VERSION parameter.

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