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Packages that use ParseException
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.entity Core HTTP entity implementations. Default implementations of message parses and writers for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.message Core HTTP message components, message element parser and writer APIs and their default implementations. 
org.apache.http.util Core utility classes. 

Uses of ParseException in org.apache.http

Methods in org.apache.http that throw ParseException
 HeaderElement[] Header.getElements()
          Parses the value.

Uses of ParseException in org.apache.http.entity

Methods in org.apache.http.entity that throw ParseException
static ContentType ContentType.get(HttpEntity entity)
          Extracts Content-Type value from HttpEntity exactly as specified by the Content-Type header of the entity.
static ContentType ContentType.getLenientOrDefault(HttpEntity entity)
          Extracts Content-Type value from HttpEntity or returns the default value ContentType.DEFAULT_TEXT if not explicitly specified or incorrect (could not be parsed).
static ContentType ContentType.getOrDefault(HttpEntity entity)
          Extracts Content-Type value from HttpEntity or returns the default value ContentType.DEFAULT_TEXT if not explicitly specified.
static ContentType ContentType.parse(String s)
          Parses textual representation of Content-Type value.

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Methods in that throw ParseException
protected  HttpMessage HttpRequestParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
protected  HttpMessage HttpResponseParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
protected abstract  T AbstractMessageParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
          Subclasses must override this method to generate an instance of HttpMessage based on the initial input from the session buffer.
protected  HttpResponse DefaultHttpResponseParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
protected  HttpRequest DefaultHttpRequestParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)

Uses of ParseException in org.apache.http.message

Methods in org.apache.http.message that throw ParseException
protected  int BasicTokenIterator.findNext(int pos)
          Determines the next token.
 HeaderElement[] BufferedHeader.getElements()
 HeaderElement[] BasicHeader.getElements()
          Returns the next token.
 String BasicTokenIterator.nextToken()
          Obtains the next token from this iteration.
 HeaderElement[] HeaderValueParser.parseElements(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a header value into elements.
static HeaderElement[] BasicHeaderValueParser.parseElements(String value, HeaderValueParser parser)
          Parses elements with the given parser.
 Header LineParser.parseHeader(CharArrayBuffer buffer)
          Creates a header from a line.
 Header BasicLineParser.parseHeader(CharArrayBuffer buffer)
static Header BasicLineParser.parseHeader(String value, LineParser parser)
 HeaderElement HeaderValueParser.parseHeaderElement(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a single header element.
static HeaderElement BasicHeaderValueParser.parseHeaderElement(String value, HeaderValueParser parser)
          Parses an element with the given parser.
 NameValuePair HeaderValueParser.parseNameValuePair(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a name=value specification, where the = and value are optional.
static NameValuePair BasicHeaderValueParser.parseNameValuePair(String value, HeaderValueParser parser)
          Parses a name-value-pair with the given parser.
 NameValuePair[] HeaderValueParser.parseParameters(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a list of name-value pairs.
static NameValuePair[] BasicHeaderValueParser.parseParameters(String value, HeaderValueParser parser)
          Parses parameters with the given parser.
 ProtocolVersion LineParser.parseProtocolVersion(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses the textual representation of a protocol version.
 ProtocolVersion BasicLineParser.parseProtocolVersion(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
static ProtocolVersion BasicLineParser.parseProtocolVersion(String value, LineParser parser)
 RequestLine LineParser.parseRequestLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a request line.
 RequestLine BasicLineParser.parseRequestLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a request line.
static RequestLine BasicLineParser.parseRequestLine(String value, LineParser parser)
 StatusLine LineParser.parseStatusLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a status line.
 StatusLine BasicLineParser.parseStatusLine(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
static StatusLine BasicLineParser.parseStatusLine(String value, LineParser parser)

Constructors in org.apache.http.message that throw ParseException
BufferedHeader(CharArrayBuffer buffer)
          Creates a new header from a buffer.

Uses of ParseException in org.apache.http.util

Methods in org.apache.http.util that throw ParseException
static String EntityUtils.getContentCharSet(HttpEntity entity)
          Deprecated. (4.1.3) use ContentType.getOrDefault(HttpEntity)
static String EntityUtils.getContentMimeType(HttpEntity entity)
          Deprecated. (4.1.3) use ContentType.getOrDefault(HttpEntity)
static String EntityUtils.toString(HttpEntity entity)
          Read the contents of an entity and return it as a String.
static String EntityUtils.toString(HttpEntity entity, Charset defaultCharset)
          Get the entity content as a String, using the provided default character set if none is found in the entity.
static String EntityUtils.toString(HttpEntity entity, String defaultCharset)
          Get the entity content as a String, using the provided default character set if none is found in the entity.

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