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Packages that use NameValuePair
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.entity Core HTTP entity implementations. 
org.apache.http.message Core HTTP message components, message element parser and writer APIs and their default implementations. 

Uses of NameValuePair in org.apache.http

Subinterfaces of NameValuePair in org.apache.http
 interface FormattedHeader
          An HTTP header which is already formatted.
 interface Header
          Represents an HTTP header field.

Methods in org.apache.http that return NameValuePair
 NameValuePair HeaderElement.getParameter(int index)
          Returns parameter with the given index.
 NameValuePair HeaderElement.getParameterByName(String name)
          Returns the first parameter with the given name.
 NameValuePair[] HeaderElement.getParameters()
          Returns an array of name / value pairs.

Uses of NameValuePair in org.apache.http.entity

Methods in org.apache.http.entity with parameters of type NameValuePair
static ContentType ContentType.create(String mimeType, NameValuePair... params)
          Creates a new instance of ContentType with the given parameters.
 ContentType ContentType.withParameters(NameValuePair... params)
          Creates a new instance with this MIME type and the given parameters.

Uses of NameValuePair in org.apache.http.message

Classes in org.apache.http.message that implement NameValuePair
 class BasicHeader
          Implements a basic Header.
 class BasicNameValuePair
          Basic implementation of NameValuePair.
 class BufferedHeader
          This class represents a raw HTTP header whose content is parsed 'on demand' only when the header value needs to be consumed.

Methods in org.apache.http.message that return NameValuePair
protected  NameValuePair BasicHeaderValueParser.createNameValuePair(String name, String value)
          Creates a name-value pair.
 NameValuePair BasicHeaderElement.getParameter(int index)
 NameValuePair BasicHeaderElement.getParameterByName(String name)
 NameValuePair[] BasicHeaderElement.getParameters()
 NameValuePair HeaderValueParser.parseNameValuePair(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a name=value specification, where the = and value are optional.
 NameValuePair BasicHeaderValueParser.parseNameValuePair(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
 NameValuePair BasicHeaderValueParser.parseNameValuePair(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor, char[] delimiters)
          Deprecated. (4.4) use TokenParser
static NameValuePair BasicHeaderValueParser.parseNameValuePair(String value, HeaderValueParser parser)
          Parses a name-value-pair with the given parser.
 NameValuePair[] HeaderValueParser.parseParameters(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
          Parses a list of name-value pairs.
 NameValuePair[] BasicHeaderValueParser.parseParameters(CharArrayBuffer buffer, ParserCursor cursor)
static NameValuePair[] BasicHeaderValueParser.parseParameters(String value, HeaderValueParser parser)
          Parses parameters with the given parser.

Methods in org.apache.http.message with parameters of type NameValuePair
protected  HeaderElement BasicHeaderValueParser.createHeaderElement(String name, String value, NameValuePair[] params)
          Creates a header element.
protected  int BasicHeaderValueFormatter.estimateNameValuePairLen(NameValuePair nvp)
          Estimates the length of a formatted name-value pair.
protected  int BasicHeaderValueFormatter.estimateParametersLen(NameValuePair[] nvps)
          Estimates the length of formatted parameters.
 CharArrayBuffer BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatNameValuePair(CharArrayBuffer charBuffer, NameValuePair nvp, boolean quote)
 CharArrayBuffer HeaderValueFormatter.formatNameValuePair(CharArrayBuffer buffer, NameValuePair nvp, boolean quote)
          Formats one name-value pair, where the value is optional.
static String BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatNameValuePair(NameValuePair nvp, boolean quote, HeaderValueFormatter formatter)
          Formats a name-value pair.
 CharArrayBuffer BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatParameters(CharArrayBuffer charBuffer, NameValuePair[] nvps, boolean quote)
 CharArrayBuffer HeaderValueFormatter.formatParameters(CharArrayBuffer buffer, NameValuePair[] nvps, boolean quote)
          Formats the parameters of a header element.
static String BasicHeaderValueFormatter.formatParameters(NameValuePair[] nvps, boolean quote, HeaderValueFormatter formatter)
          Formats a set of parameters.

Constructors in org.apache.http.message with parameters of type NameValuePair
BasicHeaderElement(String name, String value, NameValuePair[] parameters)
          Constructor with name, value and parameters.

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