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Packages that use HttpMessage
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.entity Core HTTP entity implementations. 
org.apache.http.impl Default implementations of HTTP connections for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.impl.entity Default implementations of entity content strategies. Default implementations of message parses and writers for synchronous, blocking communication. HTTP message parser and writer APIs for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.message Core HTTP message components, message element parser and writer APIs and their default implementations. 

Uses of HttpMessage in org.apache.http

Subinterfaces of HttpMessage in org.apache.http
 interface HttpEntityEnclosingRequest
          A request with an entity.
 interface HttpRequest
          A request message from a client to a server includes, within the first line of that message, the method to be applied to the resource, the identifier of the resource, and the protocol version in use.
 interface HttpResponse
          After receiving and interpreting a request message, a server responds with an HTTP response message.

Uses of HttpMessage in org.apache.http.entity

Methods in org.apache.http.entity with parameters of type HttpMessage
 long ContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
          Returns length of the given message in bytes.

Uses of HttpMessage in org.apache.http.impl

Methods in org.apache.http.impl with parameters of type HttpMessage
protected  HttpEntity BHttpConnectionBase.prepareInput(HttpMessage message)
protected  OutputStream BHttpConnectionBase.prepareOutput(HttpMessage message)

Uses of HttpMessage in org.apache.http.impl.entity

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.entity with parameters of type HttpMessage
 HttpEntity EntityDeserializer.deserialize(SessionInputBuffer inbuffer, HttpMessage message)
          Deprecated. Creates an HttpEntity based on properties of the given message.
 long DisallowIdentityContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
 long LaxContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
 long StrictContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
protected  BasicHttpEntity EntityDeserializer.doDeserialize(SessionInputBuffer inbuffer, HttpMessage message)
          Deprecated. Creates a BasicHttpEntity based on properties of the given message.
protected  OutputStream EntitySerializer.doSerialize(SessionOutputBuffer outbuffer, HttpMessage message)
          Deprecated. Creates a transfer codec based on properties of the given HTTP message and returns OutputStream instance that transparently encodes output data as it is being written out to the output stream.
 void EntitySerializer.serialize(SessionOutputBuffer outbuffer, HttpMessage message, HttpEntity entity)
          Deprecated. Writes out the content of the given HTTP entity to the session output buffer based on properties of the given HTTP message.

Uses of HttpMessage in

Classes in with type parameters of type HttpMessage
 class AbstractMessageParser<T extends HttpMessage>
          Abstract base class for HTTP message parsers that obtain input from an instance of SessionInputBuffer.
 class AbstractMessageWriter<T extends HttpMessage>
          Abstract base class for HTTP message writers that serialize output to an instance of SessionOutputBuffer.

Methods in that return HttpMessage
protected  HttpMessage HttpRequestParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
protected  HttpMessage HttpResponseParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)

Uses of HttpMessage in

Classes in with type parameters of type HttpMessage
 interface HttpMessageParser<T extends HttpMessage>
          Abstract message parser intended to build HTTP messages from an arbitrary data source.
 interface HttpMessageParserFactory<T extends HttpMessage>
          Factory for HttpMessageParser instances.
 interface HttpMessageWriter<T extends HttpMessage>
          Abstract message writer intended to serialize HTTP messages to an arbitrary data sink.
 interface HttpMessageWriterFactory<T extends HttpMessage>
          Factory for HttpMessageWriter instances.

Uses of HttpMessage in org.apache.http.message

Classes in org.apache.http.message that implement HttpMessage
 class AbstractHttpMessage
          Basic implementation of HttpMessage.
 class BasicHttpEntityEnclosingRequest
          Basic implementation of HttpEntityEnclosingRequest.
 class BasicHttpRequest
          Basic implementation of HttpRequest.
 class BasicHttpResponse
          Basic implementation of HttpResponse.

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