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Packages that use HttpException
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.entity Core HTTP entity implementations. 
org.apache.http.impl Default implementations of HTTP connections for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.impl.entity Default implementations of entity content strategies. Default implementations of message parses and writers for synchronous, blocking communication. HTTP message parser and writer APIs for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.protocol Core HTTP protocol execution framework and HTTP protocol handlers for synchronous, blocking communication. 

Uses of HttpException in org.apache.http

Subclasses of HttpException in org.apache.http
 class MethodNotSupportedException
          Signals that an HTTP method is not supported.
 class ProtocolException
          Signals that an HTTP protocol violation has occurred.
 class UnsupportedHttpVersionException
          Signals an unsupported version of the HTTP protocol.

Methods in org.apache.http that throw HttpException
 void HttpRequestInterceptor.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
          Processes a request.
 void HttpResponseInterceptor.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Processes a response.
 void HttpServerConnection.receiveRequestEntity(HttpEntityEnclosingRequest request)
          Receives the next request entity available from this connection and attaches it to an existing request.
 HttpRequest HttpServerConnection.receiveRequestHeader()
          Receives the request line and all headers available from this connection.
 void HttpClientConnection.receiveResponseEntity(HttpResponse response)
          Receives the next response entity available from this connection and attaches it to an existing HttpResponse object.
 HttpResponse HttpClientConnection.receiveResponseHeader()
          Receives the request line and headers of the next response available from this connection.
 void HttpClientConnection.sendRequestEntity(HttpEntityEnclosingRequest request)
          Sends the request entity over the connection.
 void HttpClientConnection.sendRequestHeader(HttpRequest request)
          Sends the request line and all headers over the connection.
 void HttpServerConnection.sendResponseEntity(HttpResponse response)
          Sends the response entity of a response over this connection.
 void HttpServerConnection.sendResponseHeader(HttpResponse response)
          Sends the response line and headers of a response over this connection.

Uses of HttpException in org.apache.http.entity

Methods in org.apache.http.entity that throw HttpException
 long ContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
          Returns length of the given message in bytes.

Uses of HttpException in org.apache.http.impl

Methods in org.apache.http.impl that throw HttpException
protected  HttpEntity BHttpConnectionBase.prepareInput(HttpMessage message)
protected  OutputStream BHttpConnectionBase.prepareOutput(HttpMessage message)
 void AbstractHttpServerConnection.receiveRequestEntity(HttpEntityEnclosingRequest request)
 void DefaultBHttpServerConnection.receiveRequestEntity(HttpEntityEnclosingRequest request)
 HttpRequest AbstractHttpServerConnection.receiveRequestHeader()
 HttpRequest DefaultBHttpServerConnection.receiveRequestHeader()
 void AbstractHttpClientConnection.receiveResponseEntity(HttpResponse response)
 void DefaultBHttpClientConnection.receiveResponseEntity(HttpResponse response)
 HttpResponse AbstractHttpClientConnection.receiveResponseHeader()
 HttpResponse DefaultBHttpClientConnection.receiveResponseHeader()
 void AbstractHttpClientConnection.sendRequestEntity(HttpEntityEnclosingRequest request)
 void DefaultBHttpClientConnection.sendRequestEntity(HttpEntityEnclosingRequest request)
 void AbstractHttpClientConnection.sendRequestHeader(HttpRequest request)
 void DefaultBHttpClientConnection.sendRequestHeader(HttpRequest request)
 void AbstractHttpServerConnection.sendResponseEntity(HttpResponse response)
 void DefaultBHttpServerConnection.sendResponseEntity(HttpResponse response)
 void AbstractHttpServerConnection.sendResponseHeader(HttpResponse response)
 void DefaultBHttpServerConnection.sendResponseHeader(HttpResponse response)

Uses of HttpException in org.apache.http.impl.entity

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.entity that throw HttpException
 HttpEntity EntityDeserializer.deserialize(SessionInputBuffer inbuffer, HttpMessage message)
          Deprecated. Creates an HttpEntity based on properties of the given message.
 long DisallowIdentityContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
 long LaxContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
 long StrictContentLengthStrategy.determineLength(HttpMessage message)
protected  BasicHttpEntity EntityDeserializer.doDeserialize(SessionInputBuffer inbuffer, HttpMessage message)
          Deprecated. Creates a BasicHttpEntity based on properties of the given message.
protected  OutputStream EntitySerializer.doSerialize(SessionOutputBuffer outbuffer, HttpMessage message)
          Deprecated. Creates a transfer codec based on properties of the given HTTP message and returns OutputStream instance that transparently encodes output data as it is being written out to the output stream.
 void EntitySerializer.serialize(SessionOutputBuffer outbuffer, HttpMessage message, HttpEntity entity)
          Deprecated. Writes out the content of the given HTTP entity to the session output buffer based on properties of the given HTTP message.

Uses of HttpException in

Methods in that throw HttpException
 T AbstractMessageParser.parse()
protected  HttpMessage HttpRequestParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
protected  HttpMessage HttpResponseParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
protected abstract  T AbstractMessageParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
          Subclasses must override this method to generate an instance of HttpMessage based on the initial input from the session buffer.
protected  HttpResponse DefaultHttpResponseParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
protected  HttpRequest DefaultHttpRequestParser.parseHead(SessionInputBuffer sessionBuffer)
static Header[] AbstractMessageParser.parseHeaders(SessionInputBuffer inbuffer, int maxHeaderCount, int maxLineLen, LineParser parser)
          Parses HTTP headers from the data receiver stream according to the generic format as given in Section 3.1 of RFC 822, RFC-2616 Section 4 and 19.3.
static Header[] AbstractMessageParser.parseHeaders(SessionInputBuffer inbuffer, int maxHeaderCount, int maxLineLen, LineParser parser, List<CharArrayBuffer> headerLines)
          Parses HTTP headers from the data receiver stream according to the generic format as given in Section 3.1 of RFC 822, RFC-2616 Section 4 and 19.3.
 void AbstractMessageWriter.write(T message)

Uses of HttpException in

Methods in that throw HttpException
 T HttpMessageParser.parse()
          Generates an instance of HttpMessage from the underlying data source.
 void HttpMessageWriter.write(T message)
          Serializes an instance of HttpMessage to the underlying data sink.

Uses of HttpException in org.apache.http.protocol

Methods in org.apache.http.protocol with parameters of type HttpException
protected  void HttpService.handleException(HttpException ex, HttpResponse response)
          Handles the given exception and generates an HTTP response to be sent back to the client to inform about the exceptional condition encountered in the course of the request processing.

Methods in org.apache.http.protocol that throw HttpException
protected  HttpResponse HttpRequestExecutor.doReceiveResponse(HttpRequest request, HttpClientConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Waits for and receives a response.
protected  HttpResponse HttpRequestExecutor.doSendRequest(HttpRequest request, HttpClientConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Send the given request over the given connection.
protected  void HttpService.doService(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          The default implementation of this method attempts to resolve an HttpRequestHandler for the request URI of the given request and, if found, executes its HttpRequestHandler.handle(HttpRequest, HttpResponse, HttpContext) method.
 HttpResponse HttpRequestExecutor.execute(HttpRequest request, HttpClientConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Sends the request and obtain a response.
 void HttpRequestHandler.handle(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Handles the request and produces a response to be sent back to the client.
 void HttpService.handleRequest(HttpServerConnection conn, HttpContext context)
          Handles receives one HTTP request over the given connection within the given execution context and sends a response back to the client.
 void HttpRequestExecutor.postProcess(HttpResponse response, HttpProcessor processor, HttpContext context)
          Post-processes the given response using the given protocol processor and completes the process of request execution.
 void HttpRequestExecutor.preProcess(HttpRequest request, HttpProcessor processor, HttpContext context)
          Pre-process the given request using the given protocol processor and initiates the process of request execution.
 void BasicHttpProcessor.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestContent.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestConnControl.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestUserAgent.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestTargetHost.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void ImmutableHttpProcessor.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestDate.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void RequestExpectContinue.process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
 void BasicHttpProcessor.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ResponseDate.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ResponseContent.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Processes the response (possibly updating or inserting) Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding headers.
 void ResponseServer.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ImmutableHttpProcessor.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void ResponseConnControl.process(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
 void HttpExpectationVerifier.verify(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Verifies whether the given request meets the server's expectations.

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