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Packages that use HttpConnection
org.apache.http Core HTTP component APIs and primitives. 
org.apache.http.impl Default implementations of HTTP connections for synchronous, blocking communication. 
org.apache.http.protocol Core HTTP protocol execution framework and HTTP protocol handlers for synchronous, blocking communication. 

Uses of HttpConnection in org.apache.http

Classes in org.apache.http with type parameters of type HttpConnection
 interface HttpConnectionFactory<T extends HttpConnection>
          Factory for HttpConnection instances.

Subinterfaces of HttpConnection in org.apache.http
 interface HttpClientConnection
          A client-side HTTP connection, which can be used for sending requests and receiving responses.
 interface HttpInetConnection
          An HTTP connection over the Internet Protocol (IP).
 interface HttpServerConnection
          A server-side HTTP connection, which can be used for receiving requests and sending responses.

Uses of HttpConnection in org.apache.http.impl

Classes in org.apache.http.impl that implement HttpConnection
 class AbstractHttpClientConnection
          Deprecated. (4.3) use DefaultBHttpClientConnection
 class AbstractHttpServerConnection
          Deprecated. (4.3) use DefaultBHttpServerConnection
 class BHttpConnectionBase
          This class serves as a base for all HttpConnection implementations and provides functionality common to both client and server HTTP connections.
 class DefaultBHttpClientConnection
          Default implementation of HttpClientConnection.
 class DefaultBHttpServerConnection
          Default implementation of HttpServerConnection.
 class DefaultHttpClientConnection
          Deprecated. (4.3) use DefaultBHttpClientConnection
 class DefaultHttpServerConnection
          Deprecated. (4.3) use DefaultBHttpServerConnection
 class SocketHttpClientConnection
          Deprecated. (4.3) use DefaultBHttpClientConnection
 class SocketHttpServerConnection
          Deprecated. Do not use.

Uses of HttpConnection in org.apache.http.protocol

Methods in org.apache.http.protocol with type parameters of type HttpConnection
<T extends HttpConnection>
HttpCoreContext.getConnection(Class<T> clazz)

Methods in org.apache.http.protocol that return HttpConnection
 HttpConnection HttpCoreContext.getConnection()

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