Interface HttpRequestInterceptor

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BasicHttpProcessor, ImmutableHttpProcessor, RequestConnControl, RequestContent, RequestDate, RequestExpectContinue, RequestTargetHost, RequestUserAgent

public interface HttpRequestInterceptor

HTTP protocol interceptor is a routine that implements a specific aspect of the HTTP protocol. Usually protocol interceptors are expected to act upon one specific header or a group of related headers of the incoming message or populate the outgoing message with one specific header or a group of related headers.

Protocol Interceptors can also manipulate content entities enclosed with messages. Usually this is accomplished by using the 'Decorator' pattern where a wrapper entity class is used to decorate the original entity.

Protocol interceptors must be implemented as thread-safe. Similarly to servlets, protocol interceptors should not use instance variables unless access to those variables is synchronized.


Method Summary
 void process(HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
          Processes a request.

Method Detail


void process(HttpRequest request,
             HttpContext context)
             throws HttpException,
Processes a request. On the client side, this step is performed before the request is sent to the server. On the server side, this step is performed on incoming messages before the message body is evaluated.

request - the request to preprocess
context - the context for the request
HttpException - in case of an HTTP protocol violation
IOException - in case of an I/O error

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