Uses of Interface

Packages that use ContentInputBuffer
org.apache.http.nio.entity Core HTTP entity implementations with support for asynchronous, event driven communication. 
org.apache.http.nio.util Core utility classes for asynchronous, event driven communication. 

Uses of ContentInputBuffer in org.apache.http.nio.entity

Constructors in org.apache.http.nio.entity with parameters of type ContentInputBuffer
ContentBufferEntity(HttpEntity entity, ContentInputBuffer buffer)
          Creates new instance of ContentBufferEntity.
ContentInputStream(ContentInputBuffer buffer)

Uses of ContentInputBuffer in org.apache.http.nio.util

Classes in org.apache.http.nio.util that implement ContentInputBuffer
 class SharedInputBuffer
          Implementation of the ContentInputBuffer interface that can be shared by multiple threads, usually the I/O dispatch of an I/O reactor and a worker thread.
 class SimpleInputBuffer
          Basic implementation of the ContentInputBuffer interface.

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