Package org.apache.http.nio.reactor.ssl

TLS/SSL support for asynchronous, event driven communication.


Interface Summary
SSLBuffer Managed internal SSL buffer.
SSLBufferManagementStrategy Encapsulates logic to manager SSL input/output buffers.
SSLSetupHandler Callback interface that can be used to customize various aspects of the TLS/SSL protocol.

Class Summary
PermanentSSLBufferManagementStrategy A SSLBufferManagementStrategy that never releases the underlying buffer.
ReleasableSSLBufferManagementStrategy A SSLBufferManagementStrategy that releases the underlying buffer when deactivated.
SSLIOSession SSLIOSession is a decorator class intended to transparently extend an IOSession with transport layer security capabilities based on the SSL/TLS protocol.

Enum Summary

Package org.apache.http.nio.reactor.ssl Description

TLS/SSL support for asynchronous, event driven communication.

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