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Packages that use IOReactor
org.apache.http.impl.nio.reactor Default implementation of event driven network communication APIs based on Java NIO. 
org.apache.http.nio.reactor Event driven network communication APIs loosely based on Doug Lea's reactor pattern

Uses of IOReactor in org.apache.http.impl.nio.reactor

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.nio.reactor that implement IOReactor
 class AbstractIOReactor
          Generic implementation of IOReactor that can used as a subclass for more specialized I/O reactors.
 class AbstractMultiworkerIOReactor
          Generic implementation of IOReactor that can run multiple BaseIOReactor instance in separate worker threads and distribute newly created I/O session equally across those I/O reactors for a more optimal resource utilization and a better I/O performance.
 class BaseIOReactor
          Default implementation of AbstractIOReactor that serves as a base for more advanced IOReactor implementations.
 class DefaultConnectingIOReactor
          Default implementation of ConnectingIOReactor.
 class DefaultListeningIOReactor
          Default implementation of ListeningIOReactor.

Uses of IOReactor in org.apache.http.nio.reactor

Subinterfaces of IOReactor in org.apache.http.nio.reactor
 interface ConnectingIOReactor
          ConnectingIOReactor represents an I/O reactor capable of establishing connections to remote hosts.
 interface ListeningIOReactor
          ListeningIOReactor represents an I/O reactor capable of listening for incoming connections on one or several ports.

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