Uses of Interface

Packages that use NHttpConnection
org.apache.http.impl.nio Default implementations of HTTP connections for asynchronous, even driven communication. 
org.apache.http.nio Core HTTP component APIs and primitives for asynchronous, event driven communication. 
org.apache.http.nio.protocol Core HTTP protocol execution framework and HTTP protocol handlers for asynchronous, event driven communication. 

Uses of NHttpConnection in org.apache.http.impl.nio

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.nio that implement NHttpConnection
 class DefaultNHttpClientConnection
          Default implementation of the NHttpClientConnection interface.
 class DefaultNHttpServerConnection
          Default implementation of the NHttpServerConnection interface.
 class NHttpConnectionBase
          This class serves as a base for all NHttpConnection implementations and provides functionality common to both client and server HTTP connections.

Uses of NHttpConnection in org.apache.http.nio

Classes in org.apache.http.nio with type parameters of type NHttpConnection
 interface NHttpConnectionFactory<T extends NHttpConnection>
          Factory for NHttpConnection instances.

Subinterfaces of NHttpConnection in org.apache.http.nio
 interface NHttpClientConnection
          Abstract non-blocking client-side HTTP connection interface.
 interface NHttpClientIOTarget
          Deprecated. (4.2) no longer used
 interface NHttpServerConnection
          Abstract non-blocking server-side HTTP connection interface.
 interface NHttpServerIOTarget
          Deprecated. (4.2) no longer used

Uses of NHttpConnection in org.apache.http.nio.protocol

Methods in org.apache.http.nio.protocol with parameters of type NHttpConnection
protected  void NHttpHandlerBase.closeConnection(NHttpConnection conn, Throwable cause)
 void EventListener.connectionClosed(NHttpConnection conn)
          Deprecated. Triggered when a connection has been terminated.
 void EventListener.connectionOpen(NHttpConnection conn)
          Deprecated. Triggered when a new connection has been established.
 void EventListener.connectionTimeout(NHttpConnection conn)
          Deprecated. Triggered when a connection has timed out.
 void EventListener.fatalIOException(IOException ex, NHttpConnection conn)
          Deprecated. Triggered when an I/O error caused a connection to be terminated.
 void EventListener.fatalProtocolException(HttpException ex, NHttpConnection conn)
          Deprecated. Triggered when an HTTP protocol error caused a connection to be terminated.
protected  void NHttpHandlerBase.handleTimeout(NHttpConnection conn)
protected  void ThrottlingHttpServiceHandler.shutdownConnection(NHttpConnection conn, Throwable cause)
protected  void NHttpHandlerBase.shutdownConnection(NHttpConnection conn, Throwable cause)

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