Class IdentityEncoder

  extended by org.apache.http.impl.nio.codecs.AbstractContentEncoder
      extended by org.apache.http.impl.nio.codecs.IdentityEncoder
All Implemented Interfaces:
ContentEncoder, FileContentEncoder

public class IdentityEncoder
extends AbstractContentEncoder
implements FileContentEncoder

Content encoder that writes data without any transformation. The end of the content entity is demarcated by closing the underlying connection (EOF condition). Entities transferred using this input stream can be of unlimited length.

This decoder is optimized to transfer data directly from a FileChannel to the underlying I/O session's channel whenever possible avoiding intermediate buffering in the session buffer.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.http.impl.nio.codecs.AbstractContentEncoder
buffer, channel, completed, metrics
Constructor Summary
IdentityEncoder(WritableByteChannel channel, SessionOutputBuffer buffer, HttpTransportMetricsImpl metrics)
IdentityEncoder(WritableByteChannel channel, SessionOutputBuffer buffer, HttpTransportMetricsImpl metrics, int fragementSizeHint)
Method Summary
 String toString()
 long transfer(FileChannel src, long position, long count)
          Transfers a portion of entity content from the given file channel to the underlying network channel.
 int write(ByteBuffer src)
          Writes a portion of entity content to the underlying channel.
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assertNotCompleted, complete, flushToChannel, isCompleted, writeToBuffer, writeToChannel, writeToChannel
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Constructor Detail


public IdentityEncoder(WritableByteChannel channel,
                       SessionOutputBuffer buffer,
                       HttpTransportMetricsImpl metrics,
                       int fragementSizeHint)
channel - underlying channel.
buffer - session buffer.
metrics - transport metrics.
fragementSizeHint - fragment size hint defining an minimal size of a fragment that should be written out directly to the channel bypassing the session buffer. Value 0 disables fragment buffering.


public IdentityEncoder(WritableByteChannel channel,
                       SessionOutputBuffer buffer,
                       HttpTransportMetricsImpl metrics)
Method Detail


public int write(ByteBuffer src)
          throws IOException
Description copied from interface: ContentEncoder
Writes a portion of entity content to the underlying channel.

Specified by:
write in interface ContentEncoder
src - The buffer from which content is to be retrieved
The number of bytes read, possibly zero
IOException - if I/O error occurs while writing content


public long transfer(FileChannel src,
                     long position,
                     long count)
              throws IOException
Description copied from interface: FileContentEncoder
Transfers a portion of entity content from the given file channel to the underlying network channel.

Specified by:
transfer in interface FileContentEncoder
src - the source FileChannel to transfer data from.
position - The position within the file at which the transfer is to begin; must be non-negative
count - The maximum number of bytes to be transferred; must be non-negative
The number of bytes, possibly zero, that were actually transferred
IOException - if some I/O error occurs.


public String toString()
toString in class Object

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