Class DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy

  extended by org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy
extends Object
implements ConnectionKeepAliveStrategy

Default implementation of a strategy deciding duration that a connection can remain idle. The default implementation looks solely at the 'Keep-Alive' header's timeout token.


Field Summary
static DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy INSTANCE
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 long getKeepAliveDuration(HttpResponse response, HttpContext context)
          Returns the duration of time which this connection can be safely kept idle.
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Field Detail


public static final DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy INSTANCE
Constructor Detail


public DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy()
Method Detail


public long getKeepAliveDuration(HttpResponse response,
                                 HttpContext context)
Description copied from interface: ConnectionKeepAliveStrategy
Returns the duration of time which this connection can be safely kept idle. If the connection is left idle for longer than this period of time, it MUST not reused. A value of 0 or less may be returned to indicate that there is no suitable suggestion. When coupled with a ConnectionReuseStrategy, if ConnectionReuseStrategy.keepAlive( HttpResponse, HttpContext) returns true, this allows you to control how long the reuse will last. If keepAlive returns false, this should have no meaningful impact

Specified by:
getKeepAliveDuration in interface ConnectionKeepAliveStrategy
response - The last response received over the connection.
context - the context in which the connection is being used.
the duration in ms for which it is safe to keep the connection idle, or <=0 if no suggested duration.

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