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Packages that use SetCookie
org.apache.http.cookie Client HTTP state management APIs. 
org.apache.http.impl.cookie Default implementations of standard and common HTTP state management policies. 

Uses of SetCookie in org.apache.http.cookie

Subinterfaces of SetCookie in org.apache.http.cookie
 interface SetCookie2
          This interface represents a Set-Cookie2 response header sent by the origin server to the HTTP agent in order to maintain a conversational state.

Methods in org.apache.http.cookie with parameters of type SetCookie
 void CookieAttributeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
          Parse the given cookie attribute value and update the corresponding Cookie property.

Uses of SetCookie in org.apache.http.impl.cookie

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.cookie that implement SetCookie
 class BasicClientCookie
          Default implementation of SetCookie.
 class BasicClientCookie2
          Default implementation of SetCookie2.

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.cookie with parameters of type SetCookie
 void BrowserCompatVersionAttributeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
          Deprecated. Parse cookie version attribute.
 void PublicSuffixFilter.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void BasicSecureHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void RFC2965DomainAttributeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String domain)
          Parse cookie domain attribute.
 void LaxMaxAgeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void BasicPathHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void RFC2109DomainHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void BasicCommentHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void RFC2965VersionAttributeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
          Parse cookie version attribute.
 void NetscapeDomainHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void RFC2965CommentUrlAttributeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String commenturl)
 void RFC2965PortAttributeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String portValue)
          Parse cookie port attribute.
 void LaxExpiresHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void BasicDomainHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void RFC2109VersionHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void RFC2965DiscardAttributeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String commenturl)
 void PublicSuffixDomainFilter.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void BasicExpiresHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)
 void BasicMaxAgeHandler.parse(SetCookie cookie, String value)

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