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Packages that use CookieSpec
org.apache.http.client.protocol Client specific HTTP protocol handlers. 
org.apache.http.cookie Client HTTP state management APIs. 
org.apache.http.impl.cookie Default implementations of standard and common HTTP state management policies. 

Uses of CookieSpec in org.apache.http.client.protocol

Methods in org.apache.http.client.protocol that return CookieSpec
 CookieSpec HttpClientContext.getCookieSpec()

Uses of CookieSpec in org.apache.http.cookie

Methods in org.apache.http.cookie that return CookieSpec
 CookieSpec CookieSpecProvider.create(HttpContext context)
          Creates an instance of CookieSpec.
 CookieSpec CookieSpecRegistry.getCookieSpec(String name)
          Deprecated. Gets the cookie specification with the given name.
 CookieSpec CookieSpecRegistry.getCookieSpec(String name, HttpParams params)
          Deprecated. Gets the cookie specification with the given ID.
 CookieSpec CookieSpecFactory.newInstance(HttpParams params)
          Deprecated. Creates an instance of CookieSpec using given HTTP parameters.

Uses of CookieSpec in org.apache.http.impl.cookie

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.cookie that implement CookieSpec
 class AbstractCookieSpec
          Abstract cookie specification which can delegate the job of parsing, validation or matching cookie attributes to a number of arbitrary CookieAttributeHandlers.
 class BestMatchSpec
          Deprecated. (4.4) use DefaultCookieSpec.
 class BrowserCompatSpec
          Deprecated. (4.4) use DefaultCookieSpec.
 class CookieSpecBase
          Cookie management functions shared by all specification.
 class DefaultCookieSpec
          Default cookie specification that picks up the best matching cookie policy based on the format of cookies sent with the HTTP response.
 class IgnoreSpec
          CookieSpec that ignores all cookies
 class NetscapeDraftSpec
          This CookieSpec implementation conforms to the original draft specification published by Netscape Communications.
 class RFC2109Spec
          RFC 2109 compliant CookieSpec implementation.
 class RFC2965Spec
          RFC 2965 compliant CookieSpec implementation.
 class RFC6265CookieSpec
          Cookie management functions shared by RFC C6265 compliant specification.
 class RFC6265LaxSpec
          Standard CookieSpec implementation that enforces a more relaxed interpretation of the HTTP state management specification (RFC 6265, section 5) for interoperability with existing servers that do not conform to the well behaved profile (RFC 6265, section 4).
 class RFC6265StrictSpec
          Standard CookieSpec implementation that enforces syntax and semantics of the well-behaved profile of the HTTP state management specification (RFC 6265, section 4).

Methods in org.apache.http.impl.cookie that return CookieSpec
 CookieSpec NetscapeDraftSpecFactory.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec RFC2965SpecFactory.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec BrowserCompatSpecFactory.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec IgnoreSpecFactory.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec BestMatchSpecFactory.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec RFC2109SpecFactory.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec DefaultCookieSpecProvider.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec IgnoreSpecProvider.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec RFC6265CookieSpecProvider.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec RFC2109SpecProvider.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec RFC2965SpecProvider.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec NetscapeDraftSpecProvider.create(HttpContext context)
 CookieSpec NetscapeDraftSpecFactory.newInstance(HttpParams params)
 CookieSpec RFC2965SpecFactory.newInstance(HttpParams params)
 CookieSpec BrowserCompatSpecFactory.newInstance(HttpParams params)
 CookieSpec IgnoreSpecFactory.newInstance(HttpParams params)
 CookieSpec BestMatchSpecFactory.newInstance(HttpParams params)
 CookieSpec RFC2109SpecFactory.newInstance(HttpParams params)

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