Uses of Interface

Packages that use SocketFactory
org.apache.http.conn Client connection management APIs. 
org.apache.http.conn.scheme Deprecated. 
org.apache.http.conn.ssl Client TLS/SSL support. 

Uses of SocketFactory in org.apache.http.conn

Classes in org.apache.http.conn that implement SocketFactory
 class MultihomePlainSocketFactory
          Deprecated. (4.1) Do not use. For multihome support socket factories must implement SchemeSocketFactory interface.

Uses of SocketFactory in org.apache.http.conn.scheme

Subinterfaces of SocketFactory in org.apache.http.conn.scheme
 interface LayeredSocketFactory
          Deprecated. (4.1) use SchemeSocketFactory

Classes in org.apache.http.conn.scheme that implement SocketFactory
 class PlainSocketFactory
          Deprecated. (4.3) use PlainConnectionSocketFactory

Methods in org.apache.http.conn.scheme that return SocketFactory
 SocketFactory Scheme.getSocketFactory()
          Deprecated. (4.1) Use Scheme.getSchemeSocketFactory()

Constructors in org.apache.http.conn.scheme with parameters of type SocketFactory
Scheme(String name, SocketFactory factory, int port)
          Deprecated. (4.1) Use Scheme.Scheme(String, int, SchemeSocketFactory)

Uses of SocketFactory in org.apache.http.conn.ssl

Classes in org.apache.http.conn.ssl that implement SocketFactory
 class SSLSocketFactory
          Deprecated. (4.3) use SSLConnectionSocketFactory.

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