Uses of Class

Packages that use Scheme
org.apache.http.conn.scheme Deprecated. 

Uses of Scheme in org.apache.http.conn.scheme

Methods in org.apache.http.conn.scheme that return Scheme
 Scheme SchemeRegistry.get(String name)
          Deprecated. Obtains a scheme by name, if registered.
 Scheme SchemeRegistry.getScheme(HttpHost host)
          Deprecated. Obtains the scheme for a host.
 Scheme SchemeRegistry.getScheme(String name)
          Deprecated. Obtains a scheme by name.
 Scheme SchemeRegistry.register(Scheme sch)
          Deprecated. Registers a scheme.
 Scheme SchemeRegistry.unregister(String name)
          Deprecated. Unregisters a scheme.

Methods in org.apache.http.conn.scheme with parameters of type Scheme
 Scheme SchemeRegistry.register(Scheme sch)
          Deprecated. Registers a scheme.

Method parameters in org.apache.http.conn.scheme with type arguments of type Scheme
 void SchemeRegistry.setItems(Map<String,Scheme> map)
          Deprecated. Populates the internal collection of registered protocol schemes with the content of the map passed as a parameter.

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