Uses of Interface

Packages that use RouteInfo
org.apache.http.client.protocol Client specific HTTP protocol handlers. 
org.apache.http.client.utils Client utility classes. 
org.apache.http.conn.routing Client connection routing APIs. 

Uses of RouteInfo in org.apache.http.client.protocol

Methods in org.apache.http.client.protocol that return RouteInfo
 RouteInfo HttpClientContext.getHttpRoute()

Uses of RouteInfo in org.apache.http.client.utils

Methods in org.apache.http.client.utils with parameters of type RouteInfo
static URI URIUtils.rewriteURIForRoute(URI uri, RouteInfo route)
          A convenience method that optionally converts the original URI either to a relative or an absolute form as required by the specified route.

Uses of RouteInfo in org.apache.http.conn.routing

Classes in org.apache.http.conn.routing that implement RouteInfo
 class HttpRoute
          The route for a request.
 class RouteTracker
          Helps tracking the steps in establishing a route.

Methods in org.apache.http.conn.routing with parameters of type RouteInfo
protected  int BasicRouteDirector.directStep(RouteInfo plan, RouteInfo fact)
          Determines the next step to establish a direct connection.
protected  int BasicRouteDirector.firstStep(RouteInfo plan)
          Determines the first step to establish a route.
 int HttpRouteDirector.nextStep(RouteInfo plan, RouteInfo fact)
          Provides the next step.
 int BasicRouteDirector.nextStep(RouteInfo plan, RouteInfo fact)
          Provides the next step.
protected  int BasicRouteDirector.proxiedStep(RouteInfo plan, RouteInfo fact)
          Determines the next step to establish a connection via proxy.

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