Interface HttpRoutePlanner

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultHttpRoutePlanner, DefaultProxyRoutePlanner, DefaultRoutePlanner, ProxySelectorRoutePlanner, SystemDefaultRoutePlanner

public interface HttpRoutePlanner

Encapsulates logic to compute a HttpRoute to a target host. Implementations may for example be based on parameters, or on the standard Java system properties.

Implementations of this interface must be thread-safe. Access to shared data must be synchronized as methods of this interface may be executed from multiple threads.


Method Summary
 HttpRoute determineRoute(HttpHost target, HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
          Determines the route for a request.

Method Detail


HttpRoute determineRoute(HttpHost target,
                         HttpRequest request,
                         HttpContext context)
                         throws HttpException
Determines the route for a request.

target - the target host for the request. Implementations may accept null if they can still determine a route, for example to a default target or by inspecting the request.
request - the request to execute
context - the context to use for the subsequent execution. Implementations may accept null.
the route that the request should take
HttpException - in case of a problem

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