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Packages that use URIBuilder
org.apache.http.client.utils Client utility classes. 

Uses of URIBuilder in org.apache.http.client.utils

Methods in org.apache.http.client.utils that return URIBuilder
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.addParameter(String param, String value)
          Adds parameter to URI query.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.addParameters(List<NameValuePair> nvps)
          Adds URI query parameters.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.clearParameters()
          Clears URI query parameters.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.removeQuery()
          Removes URI query.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setCharset(Charset charset)
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setCustomQuery(String query)
          Sets custom URI query.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setFragment(String fragment)
          Sets URI fragment.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setHost(String host)
          Sets URI host.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setParameter(String param, String value)
          Sets parameter of URI query overriding existing value if set.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setParameters(List<NameValuePair> nvps)
          Sets URI query parameters.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setParameters(NameValuePair... nvps)
          Sets URI query parameters.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setPath(String path)
          Sets URI path.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setPort(int port)
          Sets URI port.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setQuery(String query)
          Deprecated. (4.3) use setParameters(List) or setParameters(NameValuePair...)
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setScheme(String scheme)
          Sets URI scheme.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setUserInfo(String userInfo)
          Sets URI user info.
 URIBuilder URIBuilder.setUserInfo(String username, String password)
          Sets URI user info as a combination of username and password.

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