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Packages that use EntityBuilder
org.apache.http.client.entity Client specific HTTP entity implementations. 

Uses of EntityBuilder in org.apache.http.client.entity

Methods in org.apache.http.client.entity that return EntityBuilder
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.chunked()
          Makes entity chunk coded.
static EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.create()
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.gzipCompress()
          Makes entity GZIP compressed.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setBinary(byte[] binary)
          Sets entity content as a byte array.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setContentEncoding(String contentEncoding)
          Sets content encoding of the entity.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setContentType(ContentType contentType)
          Sets ContentType of the entity.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setFile(File file)
          Sets entity content as a File.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setParameters(List<NameValuePair> parameters)
          Sets entity content as a parameter list.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setParameters(NameValuePair... parameters)
          Sets entity content as a parameter list.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setSerializable(Serializable serializable)
          Sets entity content as a Serializable.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setStream(InputStream stream)
          Sets entity content as a InputStream.
 EntityBuilder EntityBuilder.setText(String text)
          Sets entity content as a string.

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