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Packages that use ContextAwareAuthScheme
org.apache.http.impl.auth Default implementations of standard and common HTTP authentication schemes. 

Uses of ContextAwareAuthScheme in org.apache.http.impl.auth

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.auth that implement ContextAwareAuthScheme
 class AuthSchemeBase
          Abstract authentication scheme class that serves as a basis for all authentication schemes supported by HttpClient.
 class BasicScheme
          Basic authentication scheme as defined in RFC 2617.
 class DigestScheme
          Digest authentication scheme as defined in RFC 2617.
 class GGSSchemeBase
 class KerberosScheme
          KERBEROS authentication scheme.
 class NegotiateScheme
          Deprecated. (4.2) use SPNegoScheme or KerberosScheme.
 class NTLMScheme
          NTLM is a proprietary authentication scheme developed by Microsoft and optimized for Windows platforms.
 class RFC2617Scheme
          Abstract authentication scheme class that lays foundation for all RFC 2617 compliant authentication schemes and provides capabilities common to all authentication schemes defined in RFC 2617.
 class SPNegoScheme
          SPNEGO (Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism) authentication scheme.

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