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Packages that use AuthSchemeFactory
org.apache.http.auth Client HTTP authentication APIs. 
org.apache.http.impl.auth Default implementations of standard and common HTTP authentication schemes. 

Uses of AuthSchemeFactory in org.apache.http.auth

Methods in org.apache.http.auth with parameters of type AuthSchemeFactory
 void AuthSchemeRegistry.register(String name, AuthSchemeFactory factory)
          Deprecated. Registers a AuthSchemeFactory with the given identifier.

Method parameters in org.apache.http.auth with type arguments of type AuthSchemeFactory
 void AuthSchemeRegistry.setItems(Map<String,AuthSchemeFactory> map)
          Deprecated. Populates the internal collection of registered authentication schemes with the content of the map passed as a parameter.

Uses of AuthSchemeFactory in org.apache.http.impl.auth

Classes in org.apache.http.impl.auth that implement AuthSchemeFactory
 class BasicSchemeFactory
          AuthSchemeProvider implementation that creates and initializes BasicScheme instances.
 class DigestSchemeFactory
          AuthSchemeProvider implementation that creates and initializes DigestScheme instances.
 class KerberosSchemeFactory
          AuthSchemeProvider implementation that creates and initializes KerberosScheme instances.
 class NegotiateSchemeFactory
          Deprecated. (4.2) use SPNegoSchemeFactory or KerberosSchemeFactory.
 class NTLMSchemeFactory
          AuthSchemeProvider implementation that creates and initializes NTLMScheme instances configured to use the default NTLMEngine implementation.
 class SPNegoSchemeFactory
          AuthSchemeProvider implementation that creates and initializes SPNegoScheme instances.

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