Interface KeyHashingScheme

All Known Implementing Classes:
PrefixKeyHashingScheme, SHA256KeyHashingScheme

public interface KeyHashingScheme

Since the HttpCacheStorage interface expects to use variant-annotated URLs for its storage keys, but Memcached has a maximum key size, we need to support mapping storage keys to cache keys. Clients can implement this interface to change the way the mapping is done (for example, to add a prefix to all cache keys to provide a form of memcached namespacing).

Method Summary
 String hash(String storageKey)
          Maps a storage key to a cache key.

Method Detail


String hash(String storageKey)
Maps a storage key to a cache key. The storage key is what the higher-level HTTP cache uses as a key; the cache key is what we use as a key for talking to memcached.

storageKey - what the higher-level HTTP cache wants to use as its key for looking up cache entries
a cache key suitable for use with memcached

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