Package org.apache.http.nio.conn

Asynchronous client connection management APIs.


Interface Summary
ClientAsyncConnection Deprecated.
ClientAsyncConnectionFactory Deprecated.
ClientAsyncConnectionManager Deprecated.
ManagedClientAsyncConnection Deprecated.
ManagedNHttpClientConnection Represents a managed connection whose state and life cycle is managed by a connection manager.
NHttpClientConnectionManager Represents a manager of persistent client connections.
NHttpConnectionFactory<T extends NHttpConnection> Generic NHttpConnection factory.
SchemeIOSessionStrategy I/O session layering strategy for complex protocol schemes, which employ a transport level security protocol to secure HTTP communication (in other words those schemes 'layer' HTTP on top of a transport level protocol such as TLS/SSL).

Class Summary
NoopIOSessionStrategy Noop implementation for protocol schemes that have no transport level security.

Package org.apache.http.nio.conn Description

Asynchronous client connection management APIs.

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